It is the mid 1700's.  
Several unexplained things are beginning to happen. 
Fellow Colonist are starting to get upset with the current Government.
They do not understand the taxation and laws in which they must live by;
it does not seem fair to the people of the Colonies.
People you know begin to revolt.

Review and decide how you would have reacted to the following situations.
At the end of the questions, there is a summary of the characteristics of a Revolutionist, a Patriot and a Loyalist.
Some of the questions may seem harsh, but it is the reality of what Colonist were faced with.
Be sure to keep track of your answers for reference.
Question #1
Would you have willingly continued to pay taxes to the current Government knowing it was being taken out of  Colonies? 
Yes or No

Question #2
Would you have supported a movement to change the way the current Government was working? 
Yes or No

Question #3
Would you have volunteered to fight for your independence from England in the Revolutionary War? 
Yes or No

Question #4
Would you have signed the Declaration of Independence, knowing that you could face harsh  
Yes or No

Question #5
Would you have wanted fellow Colonist to practice Religious Freedom?  
Yes or No

Question #6
Would you want a Government that focused more on its people than it's financial efforts? 
Yes or No   

Question #7
Would you risk losing all of your personal possessions and possibly your life to fight for the freedom of others? 
Yes or No

Question #8
Would you have moved back to England if things had gotten worse, and you had the opportunity to do so?  
Yes or No

Question #9
Would you have brought other family members to the Colonies even in anticipation of an
uncertain change?  
Yes or No

Question #10
Could you have taken up arms against your neighbor to fight for what you believe in? 
Yes or No  

If you answered Yes to Questions 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 and 10 you would have been a Revolutionist.  Revolutionist are Patriots that took up arms and fought for our Independence.  You were determined to put a new Government in place regardless of your personal sacrifice.   Your goal was to see this change take place whatever the cost.  In many cases Revolutionist lost their lives for our Freedom.
If you answered Yes to Questions 2,4,5,6 and 9 you were a Patriot.  You saw the need for change and wanted to change the way the Government was working for the people.  You  saw the need to separate from England, and the need for Independence.  You knew there could be consequences to face but were willing to take the chance.
If you answered Yes to questions 1 and 8, or if you were Undecided or answered No on some of the questions that confirmed you as a Revolutionist or a Patriot, you would be classified as a Loyalist.  Loyalist were defined as inhabitants of the 13 Colonies that remained devoted to the King.  Many decided to join the movement for Independence from England.  Some remained loyal and did not accept these changes, mainly due to the fear of harm.